Peer2Peer Project

Relate schools to combat Roma dropout

Peer2Peer Project aims to prevent and combat Roma school drop-out, as a symptom of social exclusion, through a Peer to Peer approach relating Roma students, educational and local community as well as to provide the educational community with an inclusive schooling paradigm, based on an existing best practice, through the transfer of competences, skills, tools and methodologies. Based on a Peer to Peer approach, the Project aspires to connect Roma students, educational and local communities enhancing social cohesion, sustainability and resilience of the communities as a whole.

Main axes

Development of a Peer to Peer methodology

Targeted desk research regarding Roma school drop-out aiming to explore the factors enhancing the phenonmenon and to identify best practices on inclusive education at national and EU level.

Creation of an Allies Network

Identification and selection of 15 Roma students and graduates from the “foster school”, 5 teachers from the “foster school” and 15 teachers from the targetet schools to participate in the Allies Network.

Peer-to-Peer transfer of an inclusive schooling culture paradigm and assessment

Connecting the educational communities of the “foster school” and the selected targeted schools
Connecting local communities targeting parents of Roma and non Roma students of the “forster school” and the targeted schools

Expected results

Young Roma students of primary and secondary schools inspired by an inclusive schooling culture to continue their studies.

Empowered young Roma students and graduates, rewarded for their choice to complete their education by being awarded the role of the Mentor for younger Roma generation.

Acquired skills and competences on Roma student-inclusive practices by teachers and educators.

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